Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Nests

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A walk in a wood provided the inspiration for this giant nest. We discovered a house built with sticks that someone had lovingly constructed and left for others to play in and, further on, a nest that had fallen from a tree... We first made a little version with some twigs and then graduated to a big one. Of course, we had to have the obligatory play-house tea (chocolate easter bunnies a little bit early).

You will need:
Small nest
  • A bowl or pot
  • Twigs
  • Flowers for decoration
  • A toy bird

Large nest
  • Logs/large sticks
  • Twigs and branches
  • Moss, leaves and dried grass for the middle
  • Balloons
  • Toy birds
  • Easter eggs

  • To make the smaller nest, collect twigs and break some into small pieces so that you have a mixture of big and small.
  • Place the twigs in the bowl, layering them in a circular pattern around the outside of the bowl and moving inwards and upwards. Of course, it won't be as easy as that with small hands, but have a go...

  • Carefully turn the bowl upside down and remove. The twigs should stay in the same shape. Rearrange them so you have a hollow centre.
  • Put some moss or leaves in the middle and then sit a toy bird on top of the nest. Decorate with flowers and eggs.

  • For the large play-house nest, you work on the same principle as the smaller version.
  • Start with a circle of logs or big branches, just to get your shape sorted.
  • Gradually build up the branches and twigs on top so that you have a nest shape.
  • Choose some soft moss or dried grass/hay to put in the middle and decorate with ivy or similar leaves.

  • Decorate the nest structure with flowers and blossom.
  • For the eggs, we used blown-up yellow balloons and then put a selection of decorative/toy birds around the nest.
  • It was a lovely place to have tea (my kids always rise to the occasion, especially when there is chocolate involved) and then provided an afternoon of playtime.
  • It would be a great place to put Easter eggs on the day...
  • Enjoy!


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