Friday, 20 January 2012

Winter Flowers

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A quick activity to brighten up a grey day. This is easy to create and play with and you can keep the bits to bring out on another rainy day (essential to have a few of these for the relentless grey-dom that is the British winter). We made the flowers on a big window - looking out on our drab winter garden - but a wall would work just as well. Educationally, it can help with learning colours and developing fine motor skills (if you are at all concerned with that sort of thing...).

You will need:
  • Card of various colours - green essential.
  • Scissors
  • Blu-tac
  • Cut out large flower shapes from card in one colour.
  • With another colour, cut out middles for the flowers.
  • Cut out long strips of green for stalks and, finally, some green leaves.
  • Stick small pieces of blu-tac to the back of each piece and stick to your wall or window randomly.

  • Show your child how to make a flower using a stalk, a flower shape, a middle and leaves.
  • Encourage them to copy the flower you have made, reinforcing the language and the colour of each piece.
  • See if they can make more flowers to stand in a row.
Or you could:
  • The possibilities are endless... Make different coloured flowers, add plants and trees, make a whole garden!
  • Use the same idea to 'build a picture' of something e.g. a train, a car, a person.
  • Make it into a game by putting little pictures of the pieces into a bag and drawing one out at a time to show which piece to take. The first person to make a flower...

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  1. YEAH! your back... I'm doing this tomorrow... although I'm sure Henry will just enjoy ripping it all down.