Sunday, 20 February 2011


All children love bubbles and this is a simple activity with minimal preparation but maximum enjoyment. A great activity to do when it's wet but would be even better (and less messy) if you took it outside.

You will need:
  • Various containers - a large bowl, small cups, a yoghurt pot etc
  • Warm water
  • Liquid soap (preferably something mild like baby shampoo)
  • Straws
  • Small pieces of tissue paper
  • Plastic sheet

Set up the activity by practicing how to blow through a straw. Most children are pretty good at sucking, but they will get mouthfuls of soapy water unless they learn how to blow. Scrunch up little bits of tissue paper and blow them about with your straws. You could even have tissue-blowing races...

Once your child has mastered blowing through the straw (this may take some time!), let them pour the warm water into the containers (warm is better than cold - a much nicer temperature for them to play with). You don't need to put very much in each one because the bubbles will froth up so much.

Ask your child to squeeze a small amount of soap into each container and then put your straw into one and blow some bubbles.

Once your child sees the bubbles, s/he will want to make some themselves so, making sure they are blowing (not sucking), let them experiment.

The fun of this activity is watching the bubbles grow and grow into huge clouds snaking out of the container and over the side.

Hours of fun...

Health Warning: Blowing bubbles for too long can make you very light-headed!

Or you could...
  • Mix poster paint in with the water and make pictures by placing paper on top of the bubbles.
  • Begin the activity by blowing into a container of plain water and then compare the results after you have put soap the in.
  • Experiment with different amounts of soap.